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About Us

We love what we do, at Tessytop
productions we take creative ideas
and magically transform it into a
full-blown live stage production.


Our Story

Tessytop Productions is a strategic entertainment marketing agency created to discover, motivate and promote talents with the aim of redefining entertainment through management, quality production and collaboration. Founded in 2008; as an entertainment outfit we are guided and motivated by the ideal to provide quality services in the entertainment industry while promoting talents. Our thirst for quality is the drive that makes us produce outstanding contents that can stand the test of time while entertaining our target audience. We focus on brand integration and cross-platform promotions through our specialised support services, feature productions and live performances.

At Tessytop productions we provide first-class services to our clients through creative conception, custom production and meaningful collaboration, while exposing talents to opportunities.  We love what we do, at Tessytop productions we take creative ideas and magically transform it into a full-blown live stage production.

Purpose Statement

It is no doubt that the entertainment industry in the country is growing at a fast rate. To maintain this growth, quality support services are needed. We want to bridge this gap by providing quality support services needed in the industry. 

Also, there are few platforms where talents are giving the opportunities to express themselves. This is where we come in; we want to create platforms for upcoming talents, promote and help them shape their future.




Vision Statement

To be the leading organisation in the provision of support services in the entertainment industry. And to focus on the discovery and promotion of upcoming talents in Nigeria, Africa and beyond.

Mission Statement

To the Industry

  • To provide quality support services that will enhance production in the entertainment industry.
  • To solve difficulties in service delivery.

To Artists

  • To create a platform that will foster the growth of upcoming talents.

To Operatives

  • To create an enabling environment where operatives can learn on every project.

Our Professional Team

At the heart of Tessytop, we have competent professionals committed to what they do. They work as a cohesive team on every project with each team member specialising in their area of core competence to achieve the set goal. Our success story so far is tied to the fact we work as a team.

The team comprises of professional event planners, strategist, competent cinematographers, etc.

  • Team Work 100% 100%
  • Innovation 95% 95%
  • Integrity 98% 98%
  • Accountability 93% 93%
  • Dedication & Commitment 100% 100%
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