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Our Support Services

Everything we do at Tessytop productions
is under three category and they are
management, execution and collaboration.
Here is a list of what we do:

Entertainment Services

Our entertainment services provide the opportunity to offer a variety of support services in the entertainment chain. We offer specialised services in the following areas:

Event Management

At Tessytop productions our event management and coverage offer our client an efficient end to end planning and execution that achieve its set goal. We have a dedicated and experienced team that works with you to deploy strategise that will enable us to manage and cover your event, thus ensuring that your event becomes a success.


The way a brand is perceived determines how the brand is received. So we are also involved in brand management. We handle the tangible aspect of brand management and develop strategise on how a brand can stand out from the crowd. Our team of professionals strategise and comes out with a concept that will create visibility and brand traction.

Photo & Video Coverage

Our photos are stunning and attention-grabbing. We don’t just take shots, instead, we make sure every photo captures a lasting memory our clients holds dear. We create captivating videos for corporate and personal use.

Rentals Services

Our event planning supplies quality party accessories, musical instruments, chairs canopies, etc.

General Contract

We are also involved in executing:

  • Travel facilitation,
  • Voucher Cards Printing and Sales,
  • Graphics Design,
  • General Goods and Services.

Carnival Conception and Execution

We help plan and execute carnivals for states and private organisations. Our team of professionals develops the concepts, from the strategic planning to getting sponsors and marketing the event. We handle the entire process from conception to execution of the process.

Errand Support

We also provide errand support services like event ushers and other support services, etc.

Music & Film Production

At Tessytop, we are involved in the entire process. We are driven by a cohesive team of talented and dedicated producers who are specialised in their core area of competence ranging from audio production to video production. The desire to see quality drives us to produce quality content.

As part of our production process, we also engage in content promotion. After content have been produced, we help manage these artists so they can be profitable. Our core service areas in music & film production include:


Audio Productions


Video Productions


Content Promotions


Online Sales


Artists Management





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